Welcome to Bruce-Monroe’s website! It is our goal to have clear communication between our school and community. We want to keep you informed of school events and important deadlines. We also want you to be informed of what’s happening in our classrooms so you can support your children at home, and become active participants in our school community.


At Bruce-Monroe, we believe in the value of bilingualism, and our vision is to nurture our students to become bilingual and biliterate. We strive to do this while also teaching and modeling global citizenship, living by four tenets of global citizenship.  The global citizen:


*accepts all people

*protect the environment

*helps those in need

*works for peace


Our families are essential partners!  We invite you to use this website as a tool to keep you informed about school events and instruction, and we invite you to share your feedback to let us know how we are doing as we work toward meeting our vision.



Ms. Alethea Blimling Bustillo has over 21 years of experience as an educator including 17 years at Bruce-Monroe. She began her career in DeWitt, Arkansas as a high school French teacher before transitioning to teach English language learners at Bruce-Monroe Elementary School in DCPS. She taught for 10 years at Bruce-Monroe before being promoted to instructional coach of literacy for the school. Ms. Bustillo spent five years as the instructional coach before transitioning to the assistant principal position at the school in 2013. Ms. Bustillo holds a bachelor’s degree from Smith College and a master’s degree from New York University. She is also a doctoral candidate at The George Washington University, studying special education with a focus on bilingualism.