Bruce-Monroe Elementary School at Park View (BMPV) is a District of Columbia Public School and enrollment is managed through the DC Public Schools (DCPS) boundary and lottery system.


In-Boundary Enrollment


Families living within the BMPV boundary are guaranteed a seat at our school for Kindergarten (age 5) through Fifth Grade . Find out if you are in-boundary for BMPV by searching for your in-boundary school on the My School DC website.


To enroll your child in the coming academic year, fill out an enrollment package and return it to BMPV Welcome Center. You can obtain enrollment forms by visiting the Welcome Center, or download them from the My School DC website.


Out-of-Boundary Lottery


Families who live outside the BMPV boundary may apply for a seat at BMPV through the DCPS lottery. Learn more about the out-of-boundary lottery process and view the application timeline on the My School DC website.


Early Childhood Education: Preschool and pre-kindergarten


BMPV offers preschool for 3-year-olds and pre-kindergarten (pre-K) for four-year-olds. Even children who live in-boundary are not guaranteed a spot in these early childhood programs, and all students wishing to attend must apply through the lottery. Families typically must apply to the lottery for the next school year in January. To find a more detailed timeline and learn out how to apply, visit the My School DC website.


Your child need not be toilet-trained to enter our early childhood education programs, but most children who attend BMPV are either trained when they enter the program or learn to use the toilet shortly afterwards. Talk to your child’s teacher about steps you can take to help your child learn to start using the toilet.


Age and Residency Requirements


Your family must live in DC in order to attend BMPV for free, and must be old enough for the program they plan to attend by September 30th:


To enter preschool, a child must be 3 by September 30th.


To enter pre-kindergarten, a child must be 4 by September 30th.


To enter kindergarten, a child must be 5 by September 30th.


Children who live outside DC can attend our school by paying a tuition fee, but there are no exceptions to the age requirement: if your child does not meet the age requirement September 30th, they have to wait to attend the program until the following year.


Every family is required to prove a child’s age and residency by the first day of school each year while attending BMPV. Find the list of documents that are accepted as proof of residency by asking at the Welcome Center or visiting the DCPS website, and bring these documents with you to BMPV when you turn in your enrollment forms.