At BMPV, we foster long-standing relationships with community partners and create opportunities for new relationships with like-minded institutions and individuals. Our community partnerships are an essential part of cultivating culturally sensitive, bilingual citizens. As global citizens, we seek partnerships that appeal to a wide range of interests and backgrounds.


Arts Partnerships


Research shows that an arts education strongly benefits language acquisition, so we have strategically cultivated strong relationships with two theater groups, Teatro de la Luna to foster a love of theater, playwriting, and creativity in Spanish and the Washington Ballet’s DanceDC to encourage self-discipline and focus, while giving the students the opportunity to express their emotions with their bodies.


We also have a partnership with the Washington Center for the Performing Arts’ Capital Strings project where our 4th and 5th grade students participate in stringed instrument lessons and give culminating performances. To incorporate rock, blues, rap and hip-hop as well, we started a new partnership this year with Little Kids Rock.



Athletic Partnerships


We partner with programs that foster physical activity such as DC United Soccer to coach our co-ed soccer team. Our scholar athletes are motivated to keep up their attendance, good behavior, and most importantly, academic success, to earn the ability to be on the team.


Another partner, Playworks, promotes relationship building, good sportsmanship and being active. Our Playworks coach works with students during recess, with their individual class, through after school sports like volleyball, and during the after school program. According to a Playworks 2013 survey, staff reported a 90% increase in level of cooperation among students at recess and 94% increase in class, along with a 72% decrease in bullying incidents. Playworks makes a significant academic impact as well. Last year alone, Playworks calculated 16 hours of recovered teaching time because of the decrease in transition and playground disputes.


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